Are Humans really that weird?

Lyndon Antcliff
2 min readAug 12, 2022


Humans aren’t weird, it’s just that they have a flawed algo.

I’ve been reading the comments of the latest Elon Musk meme and they are far more interesting than the actual meme.

You must know the one I mean

So what fascinates me about the comments is they demonstrate a number of things we have come to expect from humans and this is really useful to know if you want to persuade them to do stuff like buy a certain deodorant, invade a central European country, buy crypto…etc.

What we can see is:

People have a cognitive bias

People follow predictable paths

People are fascinated by the weird

You can use this in copywriting or building a social media following to great effect. There are a number of other things we can talk about how people react to this meme, but I haven’t had a coffee yet

It’s how the Sun newspaper became the best seller in the UK whilst everyone you spoke to seemed to hate it. Or, how clickbait doesn’t work and yet it does all the time…etc

The ironic thing is that even though Musk is prolly Aspergers, he gets it and knows how to tweak the soft, wet brains of the crowd.

I don’t think we should judge right or wrong in how people are reacting

They are simply being human