Lyndon Antcliff
2 min readAug 17, 2022


Developing a style is crucial for any creator

An artist needs an individual style like the dawn needs the sun. Without it, it’s simply called the “night”.

Craving to be different is missing the point. You are different, simply let that voice be heard and not drowned out by the insecure voice that tells you to do what others do.

To some creating an individual style may seem to go counter to the rules of social media

Some people need to go out of their comfort zone to find their thing, their look, their style.

I wouldn’t describe myself as being addicted to photography, but it is getting obsessive.

Not so much as I have to go out and capture images even though it’s 5.32AM, even though that does happen. But, in the concentration in getting just that right amount of light or shading on a small, tiny part of the imge that probably no one else would ever notice.

Because I know it makes a difference to the final image.

My primary audience is myself, if I am happy with what I have created capturing photons, I am happy. Not that I don’t enjoy the approbation of others, especially when they are photographers also, it is pleasing to have someone smile because of something you do.

Which means I can go and work on stuff that may be a bit uncompromising. Pleasing a few people a lot, rather than a lot of people a little.

I am developing an individual style and getting better over time and whilst this is never going to be a business I would like to sell a few images as tempting people to part with cash for something you created is a true signal.