Why some photographs draw you in

Lyndon Antcliff
1 min readAug 13, 2022


I keep being drawn to this one photo

It feels like it’s nearly brilliant

The woman’s face looking straight at the camera

But a bit of her face is obscured by someone else’s nut

and I can’t work out if it’s any good or not

It feels like it’s completely flawed

but every time I see it, it draws me in

The more I look at it the more I see

Perhaps the flaw makes it seem more real and not staged

Photography is the perfect medium for overthinking

What if she’s my dentist and is wondering why I haven’t booked my 6-month check-up yet?

She looks like a dentist

I thought I would add a little context so you know what the hell is going on.
I work as a professional photographer and this was at a Stereophonics concert where I was an official, accredited photographer. Check out my Instagram to see more band photos.

This photo was of the crowd at the Stereophonics gig and usually, only people who are close up look into the camera and it was odd that this one person in the middle of the crowd was staring straight into the lens.