Will AI help with Creative Burnout?

Lyndon Antcliff
1 min readMay 27, 2023


Creative burnout may not be a thing

I propose it’s a collection of things

And things that may be different in make-up and intensity to each situation, to each person.

One person’s burnout could be simply fear of failure, of rejection.

Whilst another is the disillusionment of great ideas being wasted for short-term gain.

Creativity in the commercial world is tricky to get right consistently.

Few can operate is consistently being creative and imaginative whilst being on time, under budget and taking instructions from sometimes loathsome people who are completely disinterested in the thing you have created and only interested in a narrow, financial outcome.

Financial outcomes are indeed important, even vital in the commercial world. But I see so much talent burnt out by idiot managers who do not value excellent creativity.

Perhaps the rise of AI in content creation will allow content creators to more easily create interesting stuff.

The boring bits are done by the machine.

Making each creative more productive and ultimately more powerful.

I believe AI will help with creative burnout and make those with those interesting, yet sometimes fragile creative brains more productive, more powerful and more tough.