Writers know this well

Lyndon Antcliff
2 min readDec 7, 2022


The universe is keeping score

But how can it?

I mean c’mon, the universe is just a bunch of atoms doing stuff that atoms do. At least that is our current understanding

My hippy friends would reply
“yeah man, but energy…

What about energy, I ask?

“Energy man”, they would reply. “It’s cosmic and you have to attune to its vibrations….”

And the conversation would go on like that till the hippy needed to check their “What’s App” ;)

But it does feel that doing hard things, brings rewards, as if the universe is keeping score and making sure everything is balanced.

This is just as nuts as saying the world is being carried on a giant turtle through space that keeps everything in order.

But, running 10k is hard, but when you do it, you get the high and satisfaction finishing, of doing it.

Fasting for 24 hours is hard, but it brings certain health benefits.

Writing is bloody hard, not only that it can be frustrating, loathsome and full of self-hating, but what can come of working on a gritty project can be such a high. Those words you have after the pain makes it all worth it.

It works the opposite way too.

Cramming tons of chocolate into your gob whilst lazing on the sofa, binge-watching a TV series feels good, but then afterwards you pay with a pile of negative effects.

Drugs can give you the most efficient and glorious high you can experience, but it leaves like a greased weasel, leaving you empty, paranoid and only craving more.

Writing for me is the hardest thing to do, which brings the best results. I don’t mean gobbing out on social media, I mean constructing a complex, nuanced narrative designed to trigger a specific feeling in the reader.

When you write well, it’s the best feeling in the world.
But, the act of writing is crawling over glass
It’s just that’s the only way a writer can get the high that is craved.