Your motivation for taking a photo may be wrong but who cares

Lyndon Antcliff
2 min readAug 18, 2022

Storm Eunice was a named storm that hit the UK in early 2022. As a photographer who lived on the coast, I saw it as an opportunity to take some great photos.

This one was taken in Falmouth harbour.

Someone had chained the backend of a boat to the rail, I assume to stop it from flying around or getting stolen.

It screamed out against the whispy backdrop of the water with a hard red and begged to be shot.

I love the shot, but I would have liked a different composition, but why fuss over one thing when a number of other things are right with the photo?

I am loving my photography at the moment, it gets me away from the computer and the crypto world into something with softer edges and more complex depth.

I find there is a spiritual aspect to some of the things I see through the lens which I don’t get whilst researching decentralised finance, haha. And the coastal scenery down here in Cornwall is so inspiring I guess it’s not that unusual.

But this shot is something else, to some, it would be junk or an eyesore. Not cream teas or ancient engine houses ( I am averse to the cliched pics of Cornwall ) or St. Ives. Even though I love St Ives, c’mon (St.Ives if you do not know is a twee, little fishing village in Cornwall and considered to be the most beautiful holiday spot in the Universe, hence it gets oversold).

This pic is about abandonment, although you make up your own mind. The boats tied up in the background are loved, and wanted, even the little boat which was bobbing furiously in the undulating water is going to expect a visit from the backside of its owner.

And yet, even though abandoned it can impact the space around it, with the bright reds and the hard edges contrasted against the green fudge of the rambunctious water.

The thing is I didn’t need the storm to really take this pic as it didn’t have much to do with the storm, but the storm gave me the motivation to go out and take pictures and that is crucial to the whole concept of landscape and street photography.

You have to get out and use whatever you can to motivate yourself.